Explore our suite of 28 specialized marketing calculators designed to empower your decision-making across various domains. From marketing and web development to customer insights and environmental impact assessments, we’ve got you covered.


SEO Cost Calculator

Estimate the budget for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns.

Web Design Calculator

Calculate the cost of designing your website with precision.

ROI Calculator

Measure the effectiveness of your Marketing investments through the ROI (Return on Investment).

Branding Calculator

Evaluate the cost of branding or rebranding initiatives.

CPM Calculator

Determine the Cost per Thousand (CPM) impressions for your ad campaigns.

PPC Calculator

Calculate the efficiency of your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

CPV Calculator

Understand the CPV (Cost Per View) of your video advertising campaigns (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Online TV, Video Programmatic).

CPC Calculator

Calculate the CPC (Cost per Click) from your digital marketing campaign.

Influencer ROI Calculator

Assess the return on investment from influencer marketing campaigns.

Engagement Rate Calculator

Discover the effectiveness of your social media campaigns with our Engagement Rate Calculator.

Open Rate Calculator

Understand how often your emails are opened and refine your approach for better engagement.

CTR Calculator

Evaluate the success of your online ads and email campaigns though their CTR (Click Through Rate).


Influencer ROI Calculator

Calculate the CPC (Cost per Click) from your digital marketing campaign.

Influencer ROI Calculator

Calculate the CPC (Cost per Click) from your digital marketing campaign.


NFT Marketing Cost Calculator

Estimate the total cost involved in promoting your NFTs.

NFT Retention Rate Calculator

Measure the success of keeping your NFT holders engaged over time.

NFT Revenue Calculator

Calculate the potential revenue from your NFT sales.

Web3 Loyalty Calculator

Understand the effectiveness of your loyalty programs in the Web3 space.


Lead Gen ROI Calculator

Estimate the return on investment for your lead generation efforts.

CLV Calculator

Calculate the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) to understand the long-term value of maintaining customer relationships.

Churn Rate Calculator

Measure the rate at which customers discontinue their relationship with your service or product, helping in retention strategy development.

MRR Calculator

Calculate MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), crucial for businesses with subscription-based models.

ROAS Calculator

Calculate the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

CAC Calculator

Determine the CAC (Cost of Acquiring a Customer), essential for budgeting and strategy planning.

LTV/CAC Calculator

Compare the LTV (Lifetime Value) of a customer to the CAC (Cost of Acquiring) them, vital for evaluating marketing efficiency.

AOV Calculator

Compute the AOV (Average Order Value) from customers, useful for pricing and marketing strategy refinement.

co2 calculators

Ads Carbon Footprint

Measure the environmental impact of your advertising campaigns.

SEO Carbon Footprint

Gain insights into the carbon emissions of your SEO practices.

NFT Carbon Footprint

Understand your digital asset’s environmental impact.

NFT Lifetime Carbon Footprint

Discover the long-term environmental impact of your NFTs

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