Public Relations at KOMMIE Agency is about crafting and maintaining a positive image for your company in the public eye. We specialise in media outreach, strategic messaging and reputation management to ensure your brand is perceived as credible and trustworthy. Our team expertly navigates the media landscape, secures coverage and manages crisis communication, keeping your narrative positive and aligned with your business goals. Let KOMMIE elevate your startup’s public presence, building lasting relationships with your audience.

Press Release Services

KOMMIE Agency’s press release services offer extensive reach across major national and international platforms like Entrepreneur or Yahoo. This service ensures your news reaches a wide, relevant audience, enhancing your brand’s visibility and credibility in the industry.

Through KOMMIE Agency, gain access to prominent publications for article features. Platforms like and Bloomberg provide valuable opportunities to showcase thought leadership and insights, establishing your company as a key player in your field.

Article Publications

Events Coordination​

Our expertise in event coordination ensures your company’s milestones are celebrated with impactful events. From product launches to industry gatherings, KOMMIE Agency creates events that enhance networking and elevate your organisation’s presence in the market.

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